Eri Sasaki

Eri Sasaki is a PhD student in the REACH lab. Eri’s research interests focus on the various intra-personal and inter-personal processes that determine how people respond to relationship conflict and the long-term consequences of these different responses for relationship wellbeing. Eri is particularly interested in exploring (i) the underlying motives that lead partners to behave in different ways during conflict, (ii) how both partners’ conflict behaviour mutually influence each other, and (iii) how the interplay between both partners’ conflict behaviour impacts relationship outcomes. Eri hopes to develop a comprehensive dyadic model that combines partners’ motives, conflict behaviour, and emotional reactions to predict relational outcomes.

Eri uses rich methodologies in her research, including observational, daily diaries and longitudinal designs, to gain insight into real-life variations in partners’ thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and how relationship develop over time.


Sasaki, E., & Overall, N.C. (in press). Partners’ Withdrawal when Actors Behave Destructively: Implications for Perceptions of Partners’ Responsiveness and Relationship Satisfaction. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.