Eri Sasaki

Eri is a PhD student in the REACH lab. Eri’s research interests focus on understanding the dyadic patterns and interpersonal processes that emerge between relationship partners, and how both partners can influence each other to determine relationship outcomes. Drawing on popular words of wisdom, Eri explores the idea of whether it takes two to tango (e.g., do you need both partners to put in effort to sustain a relationship), whether it only takes one bad egg to ruin an omelette (i.e., can one partner’s vulnerabilities drag the other down), or can one partner act as a strong link to buffer the other’s vulnerabilities? Eri examines whether these dyadic patterns emerge in various contexts, including partners’ feelings of being loved, felt security, emotion regulation strategies, and couples’ conflict behavior.

Eri uses rich methodologies in her research, including observational, daily diaries, and longitudinal designs, to gain insight into real-life dyadic patterns of both partners’ thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, and how relationships develop over time.

Eri also has a secondary interest in research on positive emotions, including how gratitude, pride, and humility shapes people’s perceptions and behaviors when interacting with others and their consequences on well-being.


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Journal Articles

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