Auguste Harrington

Auguste Harrington started his PhD in 2018 in the REACH lab. His research focuses on how masculinity and gender roles influence functioning within close, intimate relationships. Gender roles are a pervasive feature of social life and they play a particularly powerful role in shaping people’s approach to relationships and reactions to important relationship events, such as conflict, dependence and rejection.

Auguste’s research examines how masculine gender role stress interacts with power, personality, and situational variables within romantic contexts to produce harmful outcomes, such as aggression. Auguste utilizes diverse methods to capture how social identities shape behaviours within intimate relationships and mate selection contexts, including examining how people respond to romantic rejection and low power.


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Journal Articles

Harrington, A.G. & Overall, N.C. (2021). Romantic rejection and women’s body dissatisfaction: The moderating role of attractiveness contingent self-esteem. Body Image, 39, 77-89.

Harrington, A.G., Overall, N.C., & Cross, E.J. (2021). Masculine gender role stress, low relationship power, and aggression toward intimate partners. Psychology of Men & Masculinities, 22, 48-62.