Biased Perceptions of Emotions and Hostility

Read about some of our research showing that people can overestimate negative emotions in their partner and, in turn, behave with unnecessary hostility [Read more here]

Happily Single

Read about new findings suggesting that some single people can be as satisfied with life as those in relationships. [Read more here] or view TV coverage [Here].

The Buffer Zone: Romance and Insecurity

Read about how partners can “buffer” individuals’ relationship insecurities. [Read More Here] [Or Here]

Science Makes a Case for Love

Read about how love was important to our evolution as a species! [Read More Here]

When “Visibility” of Support Matters

Check out our article on the costs and benefits of support that is direct and ‘visible’ versus subtle, unnoticed and ‘invisible’! [Read More Here]

Depressive Symptoms and Biased Interpersonal Perceptions

Check out our recent media article about the powerful impact depression can have on the way people “see” their relationships and perpetuate feelings of depression and hopelessness. [Read More Here]

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Check out our recent media article about the evolution of the human brain and romantic love! [Read more here]

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