SESP Relationships Preconference


The Attraction and Relationships Preconference will continue this year at the annual meeting of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology.

The preconference will include a diverse set of talks on both attraction and close relationship processes, and an outside perspective keynote from Lisa Feldman Barrett.

When and Where:

The preconference will be held Thursday, October 12, 2017 at Westin Boston WaterfrontRoom Marina 4 (Harbor Level).


2017 Schedule:

We have a stellar line up of talks for 2017. You don’t want to miss them!

8:30-9:00     Breakfast

9:00-9:05     Welcome

9:05-9:45      Norman Li and Zoi Manesi: Life History Mismatch: Insights into Why People are Delaying Marriage and Not Having Children

9:45-10:25   John Lydon: Self-control Strategies to Resist Attractive Alternatives: On Calibrating Motivation and Capacity

10:25-10:40  Break

10:40-11:40     ‘Outside Perspective’ Keynote

Lisa Feldman Barrett: The Predictive Brain of Social Animals

Every year we invite a keynote speaker from outside the relationship area to connect with important advancements in psychological science and gain fresh perspectives on attraction and close relationships processes. Lisa Feldman Barrett’s work on how emotions are generated and function has important implications for relationship science.

11:40-12:20   Margaret ClarkStudying Emotion in Relational Context

12:20-1:45   Lunch

1:45-2:25   Emily Impett: Not in the Mood: Should You Reject Your Partner Kindly or Engage in Sex Reluctantly?

2:25-2:40   Break

2:40-3:20   Edward Lemay: Pro-Relationship Self-Centered Goals: The Interpersonal Benefits of Trying to be Valued by Others

3:20-4:00    Nickola Overall: Why Relationship Science is Central to Understanding the Causes, Consequences and Functions of Sexist Attitudes

4:00-4:10    Closing Remarks


Conference Organizers:

Jim McNulty[email]

Nickola Overall[email]

You can register for the preconference via the main SESP conference site:

SESP Conference Site


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