SESP Attraction and Relationships Preconference


The annual Attraction and Relationships Preconference will continue this year at the Santa Monica, CA, meeting of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology. The preconference will include a diverse set of talks on both attraction and close relationship processes.

When and Where:

The preconference will be held Thursday, September 29, 2016 at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Room Palisades CD.

2016 Schedule:

We have a stellar line up of talks for 2016. You don’t want to miss them!

8:30-9:00     Breakfast

9:00-9:05     Introduction

9:05-9:45      Jon Maner: Sex Ratios as a Hidden Determinant of Human Mating Strategies

9:50-10:30   Jennifer Bartz: The Pharmacological Dissection of Affiliation

10.30-10.45  Break

10:45-11:25   Ximena Arriaga: Relationship Processes that Regulate and Enhance Attachment Security

11:30-12:10   Justin Cavallo: Motivational Influences on Support Provision and Receipt

12:10-1:30:   Lunch

1:30-2:30     ‘Outside Perspective’ Keynote: David Funder: Accuracy in Personality Judgment: A (very) Long View

Every year we invite a keynote speaker from outside the relationship area to gain fresh perspectives on attraction and close relationships processes. David Funder’s work on accuracy of personality judgments has important implications for relationship science.

2.30-2.50   Break

2.50-3:30   Paula Pietromonaco: Does Attachment Get Under the Skin? Attachment in Early Marriage and Health-Related Physiological Responses

3:35-4.15    Tom Bradbury: Communication in Intimate Relationships: Unexpected Results and Emerging Controversies

4:15-4.20    Closing Remarks


Conference Organizers:

Jim McNulty[email]

Nickola Overall[email]

You can register for the preconference via the main SESP conference site:

SESP Conference Site


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