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Please consider participating in our new study on Communication, Partner Dynamics and Memory within Intimate Relationships.

Couples who have been together for at least one year are invited to participate in research investigating communication, partner dynamics and memory within intimate relationships. This research involves three parts.

Part 1: Before coming in for a research session at the University of Auckland, couples will be asked to complete a 30 minute initial online questionnaire about their wellbeing and relationship.

Part 2: Couples will then visit the social psychology and close relationships lab at the University of Auckland and be asked to complete questionnaires about their relationship, and discuss with their partner (1) an area of conflict in their relationship as well as (2) areas of strengths in their relationship while being recorded. Participants will then report on their thoughts, feelings and behaviours during the discussions. This lab session will take around 2 hours, and couples will receive $100 ($50 each, petrol or grocery vouchers) as reimbursement for their time and effort.

Part 3: One-week later and then six-months after completing the initial research session, couples will be asked to complete a questionnaire via post or online. Each questionnaire will take around 35-40 minutes. Couples will be reimbursed another $60 ($30 each, petrol or grocery vouchers) for completing these follow-up questionnaires. All responses and recordings will remain completely confidential at all times.

If you are interested, please contact us at to obtain more information. This research has been approved by The University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 25/07/2017 for 3 years. Reference Number 019522.



Family Studies. Some of our studies involve families, including parents and their children. Families visit the University of Auckland to complete a variety of tasks, including video-recorded family interactions. We reimburse families for their time and effort, and children also receive a gift. [Sign Up Here]

Support Studies. shutterstock_132049748Many of our studies involve couples in close, intimate relationships (i.e., married, living together). Couples typically (1) complete questionnaires about their health and relationship, and (2) discuss areas of personal or relationship difficulty while being video-recorded and having physiological respsonses (e.g., heart rate) assessed. Studies also often involve a longitudinal component in which couples are invited to fill in additional questionnaires via post or online over the next year. Couples receive reimbursement for their time and effort. [Sign Up Here]

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